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Ebook #PovertyRehab by #GrandMasterGriffin

November 17, 2017

Ebook by #GrandMasterGriffin
#PovertyRehabForwardingRoadtoFiscalRecovery. Step By Step RoadMap
==》= forward steps

Poverty Rehab=》Road to Fiscal Recovery
Addicted to Broke==》Daily Money Habit$
Struggle Mindset ==》Successful Lifestyle
Limiting Beliefs=》Unlimited Abundance
Money Pit==》Passive Income Stream$
Scarcity and Lack ==》Pre-Launch Sale$

Abstract==》Absolute Asset$

Big Dream ==》Budget Dollar$==》Branded Delivery

Creative Concepts==》Concrete Currency

Deep Dive Diversions=》Dedicated Dollar$

Economic Excuses==》 Extraordinary Earnings

Fixin to Bout to==》Finally Bill$ ==》Flowcus No plan “B”.

Gold Digger==》Goal Decider ==》Gotr Done

How come problems come to me==》How Can Problems Be Solved==》HighPerformance Conduit Performance
Bring SuperSuccess

I Don’t Know==》i deliver knowledge==》i Decide Knowledge

Jumping thru Hoops==》Jumping thru Hurdles==》Journey to HighEarnings

Keep being in the Dark ==》Keep being in the Dollars==》 Keep beliving in DueDates

Loser in Life==》Leverage in Leaders==》LandingPage income Longevity

Much ado about Nothing==》MomUp about actionsteps NextLevel

Nevermind, i can’t ==》Now i Can

Outstanding Daily Debt ==》OnGoing Dollars Delivered

Procrastination Paralysis by Over Analysis==》Pipeline Performance by OverDelivering Assets

Quit lying to yourself==》Quality Lifestyle to yourFamily

Rusty Ragedy Rundown ==》 Royalties Residual Revenue

Stuck Stumble Stagnant==》Smooth Strategic Scale

Trouble always Finds me==》Trouble Always FUELS Me

Underachiever & Unlikely to==》 Uniquely & Unbelievable

Vastly Vacant ==》Victory Value-add ons==》Vibrational Vortex

What to Do Next ==》Wealth training Delivery Network

X out Powerless ==》x nth power

You Suck & You Stink==》Your a SuperStar & Your a Sucess

Zzzzz all Frickin’Day==》Zen Attraction for Dollars


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